>> I've been to hell and back, i spill shit, trip, and embarass myself every day. i can't just flutter my eyes and get that boy. my life is messed up, i've been through more shit than you see on TV. nobody's perfect. i've been lied to, cheated on, and had my heart stolen. i've fucked up, fucked people up, and been fucked up, but every hit was worth it because i felt it. i knew it was real. life is real and i'm living it wrong everyday. i'm fucking up royally and doing everything opposite, but do i regret one thing? never. because at one point what i did was what i wanted and i got my fucking satisfaction!


Shopping trips, beach days, mixed drinks, movie nights, romantic surprises, citrus candles, Italian restaurants, boutiques, open toe heels, flirty eyes, sweet treats, fresh flowers, gift cards, family visits, & blogging.